It isn’t without a doubt, to say that as a parent, no one wants his or her children to be caught in the belligerent web of drug abuse and drug addiction. This is because it portrays first, the image of the parents as irresponsible and on the part of the children, it shows a lack of morals and this could be a source of disgrace to the parents. And so, no responsible parent would ever want his or her children to be caught in the evil web of any sort of addiction.

However, despite many measures put in place for situations as such not to occur. They still happen sometimes, and this may in no wise be a fault from the parent's responsibilities but, it could happen as a result of the children inability to either stick to home taught morals or it could be they were influenced by friends into practicing such notorious acts.

But, the fact still remains that, parents cannot prevent their children completely from making mistakes and so, they should as well make provisions for correcting their children’s mistakes as well.

in a case of addiction, no reasonable parent would ever want his or her child to remain an addict and so, they take the hard decision of sending their affected child, to a rehab home to assist them to overcome their addiction problems and similarly, as a parent this decision may seem hard to make in the first place, but when you go along with it, you really would discover how easy it could be, in helping your child get free from their various addictions.

Note that as a parent, aside from having to take your addicted child to a rehab home to get cured, he or she would not be completely cured except you as their parent put in place measures and decisions which we would explain in this article on how to make you assist your children, to completely get rid of drug in their lives for good.


First, as a parent you have to know that in the rehab home, your child is going through a very delicate and complicated process of treatment, and so you need to be aware, that in times like this they may act somewhat similar, from their normal selves and so, you need to be patient with them. Also, this is a good opportunity for you to make your research on what ‘addiction’ and being addicted really is and how it could be helped, you can make researches on Drug and Alcohol Treatment Aftercare and know better on how to manage your child.


Addiction therapy, is a complicated process and in the due course of treatment of an addicted child, he or she may have side effects of grandeur delusion; feelings which make him or her feel grander above everyone else and in this state, they may try to exercise control over even you, the parents and may try to bend you to their will, but the trick is, it's actually the drug controlling their actions at this stage.

And so, as a parent you are meant to not let them take control over you, no matter the situation; an example is that they may act angry, bossy, quarrel with you, try to buy you to make them stop the treatment, but you have to be rigid about them winning over you, in some few days this kind of effects may wear off as they progress in therapy.