As a matter of fact, it is widely acknowledged that sadness is a normal state of human behavior and can be triggered as a response, for either unfortunate situations or unexpected occurrences. Because of its normalcy, it is not a permanent state of the human mind and can be transformed into other emotional expressions like laughing, happiness, joy, anger with time depending on the individual state of mind at any given time.

Depression is an inevitable part of life and though it is an unwanted emotion it exists at will in the life of any individual, who gives a chance to its reign in the person’s emotion. It functions in an individual life by creating in that person an acute sense of hopeless empty feeling, which can be aroused from sentiments and emotional grievances.

It can be attributed to, as one of the main causes of suicides and suicidal activities, for this feeling of depression is able to in an affected person, a feeling of poor self-worth, inferiority and vengeful thoughts of hatred directed towards the person source of problems, in most cases, this can lead to homicidal killings and serial murders, also it has its roots deepened in terroristic activities.

However, a similar discrepancy has arisen as to whether depression and sadness is of, the same act and research has shown that sadness springs up from certain unfortunate events which can easily be controlled by affected person, and depending on how a person sees the situation, it might take an hour, a day or even a week to elapse out of a sad state and no needs no desired treatment but just time but, in the case of depression, research has shown that a depressed person may actually stay depressed not on their own will but, because they are compelled to do so by their emotions and if led for long, could lead to a very catastrophic consequence and so, such a person desires immediate help to overcome his or her depressions.

In most cases, depression and sadness are difficult to differentiate and sometimes, even a medical practitioner may be tricked into believing depression and sadness are one and the same thing, this evidently shown by their numerous recommendations of antidepressants to affected victims.

And consequently, antidepressants have dependency contents within it, which could even make an actual depressed person become addicted to it and sooner, if taken consistently in huge dosages it may lead the victim to further depression and make him or her to commit suicide.

Sometimes, as a means of self-medication people who are depressed turn to drugs as a means of relief for their depression, some may start drinking alcoholic beverages and become addicted to them and this method is common, since research has shown that, the most depressed victims resort to alcohol to get relief, which in reality gives them temporary relief but, in that process leaves them with more cravings for more alcohol.

Similarly, there are those who turn to barbiturates, weed, opium’s, synthetic substances for relief and because they get desired effects from this substances, they continue to prolong its use causing them unknown serious damages to their physical and mental health status.

As a recommended means for treatment for depression, the popular twelve steps program is a good therapy for relieving a person from depression and consequently, there are no side effects to it. It helps a depressed person get an open view at life and become distant with his or her past thereby, eliminating the sources of why the depression came in, in the first place.